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Biography picture of Ted Brankston Ted Brankston was born and raised in Toronto. He began the study of the clarinet and saxophone with Frank Urhen at the age of fourteen. His main interest at that time was in High School music and in Dance Bands. During his university years, music was kept to a minimum especially during medical school that was completed at Queen's University in 1976. In 1983, Ted undertook a serious study of the saxophone with Canada's renowned Paul Brodie. Since then, Ted has completed several Royal Conseratory examinations in Toronto and performed in many solo concert recitals. There have been many engagements with the Oshawa Symphony, both as a guest soloist and as a member of the Orchestra. The nine year experience with Mr. Brodie culminated with a solo performance at the 10th World Saxophone Congress in Pesaro, Italy. On this occassion, it was Ted's honour and privilege to perform the world premiere of Srul Irving Glick's Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano.

In addition to his involvement in classical music, Ted has a keen interest in jazz. To this extent, he has been a member of the saxophone section of the Durham Big Band. This group has played locally as well as at several venues such as the Beaches Jazz Festival. More recently, Ted has initiated the formation of the Indigo Jazz Trio with Paul Grecco and Doug Matthews.

I Want To Live is Ted's first CD recording.

Currently, Ted Brankston is engaged in the full-time family practice at the Courtice Health Centre near Oshawa, Ontario.

To purchase Ted's debut CD
"I Want To Live" click HERE

"...one of the best classical saxophone recordings I've ever heard!"
David Gibson, Editor
Saxophone Journal 2004

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