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Saxy doctor is back in town

John Duarte
This Week

It has been a long time coming, and Ted Brankston has decided the time is now.

Four years ago Brankston did a chamber recital in Oshawa. He has made several guest appearances with the Oshawa Symphony Orchestra since then, but Sunday will mark the first time in four years that the saxophonist is giving a recital in the city.

"Basically, I felt it was time to do another recital," he said. "I've spent a year and a half preparing for this show."

When you think of the saxophone, pictures of the symphony orchestra don't exactly jump to mind. Brankston says, however, the saxophone is becoming more visible as a symphonic instrument, thanks to people like Paul Brodie, one of Canada's foremost concert saxophonists, with whom Brankston has been studying for seven years.

"There isn't a lot of music written for the saxophone in a classic orchestra repertoire," Brankston says. "Pieces which are available are mostly for saxophone and piano."

Does the fact that the sax is not looked on as a classical instrument bother Brankston? Not at all. He takes his music very seriously.

"The is not a hobby for me," says Brankston, who is a doctor with a family practice. "Music is a very serious outside interest."

On Sunday the saxophone and piano will team up at the Arts Resource Centre. Pianist Stella Ng will accompany Brankston in the recital. They will also be joined by Bill Moolenbeek, a saxophonist from Hamilton who has teamed up with Brankston on four previous occasions.

The recital starts at 2 p.m. at the Arts Resource Centre, behind the Oshawa City Hall Complex. There is no admission charge, but people attending the concert can make donations to the Oshawa Symphony Orchestra.

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