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Love of the saxophone provides a second career for Oshawa physician

Muriel Leeper

Oshawa physician Dr. Ted Brankston leads a double life. Next to his family and profession, he loves his saxophone. Now he has started a second career as a musician.

Brankston totally engrossed in his work as a doctor, felt he needed the extra dimension of music.

During high school he had played clarinet and saxophone with school stage bands. He even formed his own dance orchestra through those years.

For a 12 year period starting in 1971, when he entered medical school, his time was devoted almost entirely to medical studies.

But determined to get back into music, Brankston began studies with Paul Brodie, one of Canada's noted saxophonists, in 1983. Due to his incredibly rapid progress, Brodie encouraged him to play a two-hour concert in Oshawa. His recital with accompanist George Brough, was a success.

Now, continuing his musical career, Brankston will play as a soloist with the Oshawa Symphony Orchestra on Sunday.

"Last summer was a wonderful time for me," he says. "I attended classes given by Eugene Rousseau, the internationally acclaimed saxophonist." Already Brankston looks forward to summer sessions in France and also attending the World Saxophone Congress in 1988, to be held in Kyoto, Japan.

For his appearance with the Oshawa Symphony, Brankston has chosen the famous Glazounow Saxophone Concerto...

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"...one of the best classical saxophone recordings I've ever heard!"
David Gibson, Editor
Saxophone Journal 2004

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